Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello finally

So, I think that I have tried to post a blog 5-10 times now, but only just figured out how to. Yes, I am in college.
A couple of weeks ago I was walking down Main street to the train station in Worcester. The area of the city that my college is in is about comparable to the central district in Seattle, so students are cautioned about wandering about by ourselves, but it was the middle of the day on Sunday, so I figured it was ok. I did meet a couple of creepy people along the way, but there was this one guy who started walking right behind me, and then started talking about what a nice day it was for a walk, and how long a walk I was going for. I just nodded and smiled, and when I turned off Main st. to go to the train station, he waved and said goodbye, and continued on his way. I found the train station, and turned around to go back to school. when I was almost there, I heard this guy yell "Hey miss, are you following me?" I turned around, and it was the same guy, about 45 minutes and a mile and a half later, going in the opposite direction. It creeped me out a little, but he seemed pretty harmless so I just smiled and shook my head and kept going. I don't walk as much downtown anymore though.
Other than that, my college exploits are pretty boring. I tried out for the varsity soccer team, and am going to start practicing with them in the spring, but for now I am on a club soccer team made up almost entirely of international students, and I am the only girl. It's pretty fun though, at least until it starts snowing and getting super cold. I am also playing in the chamber orchestra here, which is about 100 times worse than Garfield's orchestra, but it works. The conductor is really nice, and now he wants me to be a music minor in his program, so that's cool. I also play a lot of taboo and trivial pursuit with my friends around 1:00 in the morning, which is lots of fun. All in all, college is pretty good, especially because there is soft serve ice cream in my dinning hall.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ninjas, Car Hoods, and Gorillas

So my main group of friends here is a bunch of people in a seminar called "colonization of space" meaning they spend most of their time talking about how to get to mars. And they spend the rest of their time talking about ninjas. I actually believe we have not gotten through a meal without mentioning the word ninja. Most of them do martial arts, including one guy who is a black belt in japanese archery. This weekend we have plans to all buy nerf guns and have an epic battle. And the rumor is that we will have a battle next weekend which will somehow involve glow in the dark paint. We shall see the results.

In other news, when I was driving across the country my car hood started getting some air over hills in montana (yes, there are a few hills in montana). Anyways, we went to a gas station and fixed the latch with industrial duct tape. I figured: end of story. Apparently not. I was driving back from a trip to albany and there were some super slow people in front of me so I went in the left lane and increased my speed from 60 to 70 and WHAM! My windshield was introduced to my car hood. So I pulled over-ish (there was a guard rail, so I could only get half way out of the left lane). And I called 911, and they promptly forgot about me. And then I sat on the side of the road for an hour and a half while cars whizzed by me and one almost hit me and spun around into a ditch (haha). Anyways, eventually I got to meet a tow truck driver who has a bad hip so his wife clips his toenails for him, and now my silver car has a white hood.

I also take classes here (surprise) and my seminar is about game theory. We were talking about a hypothetical situation in which guerillas are fighting the police to try and take over the armories. So I (naturally) doodled a bunch of pictures of gorillas absentmindedly while listening to the lecture. And then we modeled the situation and did a statistical analysis and it turns out the gorillas had an advantage. Not thinking, I raised both fists in the air and yelled "YES!" The professor stopped and looked at me, puzzled and said "you like revolutionaries?" I was too embarrassed to explain myself.

So, that's college so far!