Monday, September 21, 2009

Life at Swat

9/21/09. 5:34 pm

I'm sitting in the lounge of my dorm, taking a break between reading my physics/astronomy textbook and starting my economics homework. It's wicked pretty out, and I can see a couple of people practicing martial arts on the gigantic green field just outside of the bay windows. Other people are chatting in the teeny kitchen down the hall.

I'm hella sore from playing ultimate all weekend; my team the Warmothers (a Swarthmore anagram) won 3 of 7 games at a tournament in Lancaster, which is Amish country. I still suck, as I can only make it to a third of the practices because my Kathak (north Indian dance) class is at the same time. Yet they graciously still let me play! Added bonus: on the way home we went to Arby's and saw a woman legitimately wearing a bonnet.

Coming up this week, I have a wind ensemble rehearsal tomorrow (I'm the only oboe player, which kind of scares the shit out of me because I have all the solos) on Tuesday, and I'm going to a free concert of the Philadelphia Philharmonic on Wednesday with a bunch of friends from my hall. On Thursday I have a seminar on infectious diseases and then an Arabic class dinner. So basically I'm not sure when I'll have time to get all my work done (OK I actually have less than I anticipated) and have another date with Dave, aka. Colonel David F. Hill IV. But I'm not complaining.

XOXO Amandine

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  1. Wait, who's Dave? Should I know this?