Saturday, September 19, 2009

My one day band

Well, I'll start us off here at We're All in College (Yay)! I'm envisioning this as a forum for all of us Garfield 09 people to update each other on our college lives and feel extra new-media savvy because we have a group blog. Or something.

So, in that spirit, I was in a band called Quarantine? for one day. We played a cover of Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphy at Whitman Coffeehouse Open Mic night. I played the bagpipe line on flute, along with an accordion and a violin. We also had an electric guitar and bass. The rest of them might continue being a band, but I think I'm good.

I've also managed to become a staff writer for the Whitman Pioneer. It's our weekly paper published on Thursdays, and my first article ever got the cover. I'm working on an investigation of the health center right now.

That's about it, along with ridiculous frat parties (so far, we've had a rave, foam party and tonight there's a luau), climbing (ever wanted to tie an overhand, figure 8, flemish bend, clove hitch, mule, munter hitch, kleimheist, autoblock, butterfly knot, water knot, double fisherman's, double bowline and prussik in the same day?) and working at Safeway (someone did not use the urinal for its intended purpose on my first day). Can't wait to hear from you guys!

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