Monday, October 19, 2009

Sign Stealers Suck!

So Sigrid and I have had our name tags stolen off of our door 6 times now, I think. A couple times we put up a sign asking who was stealing them, or telling them to stop. That didn't work. When I got back to the dorm today, someone had made signs for us, to replace the most recently stolen ones. I asked Sigrid if she had seen them, and apparently I missed a whole evening of sign related drama (instead I was dealing with sine related drama on my math test...). I guess she went and thanked the people who made them, and as she was coming back heard the boys who live above us coming up the stairs. She looked through the little hole on the door and one of the boys stopped to look, then the other came up to the door and said, "I really want to steal this right now." She opened the door and said, "fuck, no!" They ran away. A bit later she heard them sneaking down the stairs to our door, and as one guy(Tyler) was stealing her sign, she opened the door on him. He ran away. Later, she was talking to Tyler's roommate, who insisted that it wasn't Tyler doing it. She told him that she had seen him... and then in walked one of Tyler's suitemates with the sign saying, "look what I found in Tyler's drawer." So we have finally found our sign stealer, and we have signs for the moment. Stay tuned, because I doubt this will end here.
In other news, I went up to Baker two weekends ago for a mountaineering class. The weather was beautiful, although it was really cold. I got to do some ice climbing. :) Then, I was going to go on a mountaineering class for trip leaders last weekend. It was raining a lot. We got up the trail a mile or so and came to a really swollen river. It was way to high to consider crossing, so we had to come back, and learn about crevasse rescue from a power point. Then the next day we went to the arboretum on campus and set up the systems we had learned about over a small cliff. It was pretty sweet.
Also, I'm pretty sure I just aced a math test, so I'm quite happy at the moment. It's not a particularly easy class, either.

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