Saturday, October 3, 2009

Western is the Best...ern!

I really like it up here at Western, and I'm super glad I decided to go here! I really like my classes, and the frisbee team is awesome. I decided to play ultimate instead of rowing, which is what I had been planning on doing until I went to the crew meeting, and it was kinda boring and I started thinking about doing something else. Then I went the to frisbee meeting/practice, and it was awesome and fun, so I decided to go for it.
My engineering graphics class seems really cool so far, and I'm excited to finally learn CAD. We have a semester long project making mousetrap powered cars, which will be fun and intense, because part of our grade rides on it (haha ride, because it's a car and you ride in cars). Art and Linguistics are cool, but my Microecon class is pretty boring. Mostly because the teacher drones on and on and just repeats what was in the reading.
My roommate and both of my suitemates went home for the weekend, so it's quiet around here. Luckily they are all smart and nice. The other day I ran into Ian, and we were going to go eat lunch, but he forgot his meal card so we went to his dorm, and I had the pleasure of meeting his roommate. It was around noon, and his roommate was still in bed, having skipped his morning classes. Ian says his roommate has a goal of getting all the girls' phone numbers in their dorm, talks incessantly, and his only interest other than girls seems to be cars. It made me realize how lucky I am to have cool room/suitemates.

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