Friday, October 2, 2009

Stack 2, Floor 2 Craziness

Alright, so Sigrid and I had to do our roommate agreement yesterday. We had heard that our RA (Andy) would try to beat around the bush when it came to creating an agreement on how to let eachother know that they shouldn't come back to the room because it was being used for sex. So we prepared for this awkward moment by making a sign for our doorknob. One side says "studying" and the other side says "sex." "Studying" for our purposes means anything less than sex.
Anyway, we were going to present this sign to him when the topic came up in our meeting, and be really straightforward about it in order to make him even more uncomfortable. Our suitemates were even hiding in the closet to overhear the imminent hilarity. So he starts asking us about "what other activities is it okay to partake in with a guest in your dorm?" And we were prepared... only then he ammends it with "and I don't mean sex."
Basically, we think he didn't think we were likely to be having sex, or weren't attractive enough for any guys to want to, or that we were lesbian or something. Later, Sigrid thought it would be a good idea to attach a post-it to it saying "please return this when you are done using it. p.s. we're not lesbian, in case you were wondering" and put it on Andy's doorknob. A few minutes later she freaked out and went to remove it before anyone saw it, but it was already gone.
Also, he knows it came from our room because of some blue duck tape that we had used previously to attach notes to his door asking questions and the like which we also put on the sign.
We haven't seen him since...
Also, the guys in the suite above us started a basketball team and practice in their room. It's really loud. They also hand down video game controllers to hit our window and get our attention. The first time this happened, Sigrid threw a nasty cinammon candy up and managed to get it into their window. End of story. It was probably more exciting in real life...

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